Welcome to the World of Jim

Well actually GYM! Today I rejoined (after a looooong break) the legion of people all over the world who flock to these places. I am now officially a GYM BUNNY! Now as you know I  love punch art so I will use any excuse to try something out so here is JIM bunny! Get it?

Then I added Jim and his fluffy little tail to this cute wee basket which sooo easy. Back to that fluffy tail its made by grating (with the fine side of your kitchen grater) a rolled up piece of cardstock then apply glue to the “tail” and dip it in the “fluff” firmly. Simple and you can do it with any colour!

I saw these two ideas on the weband knew they belonged together. Cant you just see a brightly wrapped  Easter Egg popped in the basket on a nest of paper strips.

This basket is so easy and you can make it any any size. I made this one from a 6″ square scored at 2 and 4″ both ways to form a grid, then I stamped it. Add the 2 cuts on opposing sides in along the the score lines to the Centre square  and glue in place as shown. The handle was 1″X 8 1/4″ strip.

I guess you were probably thinking it might be the Chicken or Tractor from the EIEIO card that would be next but  th bunny made me do it! Hopefully I might get back to those two punch art  projects.

Happy Stamping


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