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Scrapheap Saturday

Admit it you have one of those piles (we all do) full of  Card and paper off-cuts, elements that didn’t work for the card but were too cute to throw away, the last straggly bit of ribbon that you couldn’t part with, odd buttons and much more. And it all just sits there looking at you making you feel guilty for using the shiny new products and the full sheets of card. Well here is my challenge to you (and me : ) USE THAT SCRAPHEAP! Make some cards or scrapbook pages decorating with only scraps and see what you can create. I would love to see too so leave me a comment so I can come see your creations.

So this week I looked at ummmm…Paper Rolling I guess you would call it. Just a very quick wee tag but if you dont mind a bit of bulk on your scrapbook pages its a great technique to use for men pages especially.

 Here is a little how -to  for you.

You need : A skewer or knitting needle, some strips of paper about 1-1 1/2″ wide, Some string or twine and adhesive.

The important thing to remember is to NOT put adhesive along the long edge of the paper when you start to roll it because you wont get your skewer out!

 Put adhesive all over the paper from about where the twine is across to the other side and place the twine on the adhesive.

 No start rolling the long side where you didn’t put adhesive (you can see the twine out the top of the roll) and roll it tightly up making sure it seals well at the far edge.

 Then slowly work the skewer out of the roll. Taadaaa one rolled tube which is surprisingly strong! Candle, fence Post, log cabin logs, let your imagination run wild. Im going to try posting Scrapheap ideas each Saturday so look out for more scrapheap demolishing ideas : )


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On the Seventh, Eighth AND Ninth Days of Christmas

Day 7: Something Christmassy Wow Seventh Day already!

My something Christmassy was a Banner in a box

****B E L I E V E ***

 I enjoyed some yummy Christmas Tarts from Dee with a cup of tea from my man . She also added a wee Christmas pud and a Christmas Tea Towel

Day 8: Something Pretty which left it W  I  D  E  open!

This was actually a lot more fun and easier than I thought. Amazing what you can do with a few stamps, some tissue paper and a heat gun. Dee sent me this lovely boxed candle set so obviously great minds think alike! LOL

Day 9: Something to stamp with

Well poor Dee got something a bit boring really but Im sure she will put it to good use. I gave Dee all the bits she will need to decorate The Flip Up Circle Album from day 6. Heres what she gave me

Well I believe thats almost me caught up with my 12 days. Its been a long few days withy my Youngest having first Tonsilitis and then a viral something which kept me up with her all night.So between that and finishing up at work for the year and traipsing round after the older children Im knackered but my poor wee girl is on the mend  now and Mummy just has to catch up on some sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZ……