Having a Ho Hum Day…….

Hello lovely people! I had a very busy morning at work making Guide Dog Shaped Biscuits and icing them with a group of children in hopes of selling them and raising some money for the Red Puppy Bikkie Day and the Blind Foundation. It was very busy and tiring but a lot of fun. My family are  Red Puppy Sponsors, we decided to be a part of that as a tribute to my Grandfather who passed away in February. His sight had been damaged by being caught in a sandstorm in Egypt in World War II and with old age setting in as well he could barely see in his later years.

After the excitement of the Red Puppy (or in our case sprinkle covered) biscuits I popped in for a quick visit with my daughter and my special “daughter and Grand-daughter” (special because they chose me rather than being born to me). This was also before the Ho Hum begun in case your reading this Ashleigh. Next came house hunting with No 1 daughter and Grandma before I came home to start the Ho Hum bit of the day. One word TAXES! Yes people I know July 7th is cut off day and its only 3 days away! The problem is I’m a procrastinator. In fact here I am doing it again as I write this post instead of finishing my blessed taxes! Ok so back to the Ho Hum but I will leave you with a card featuring a dog who could well be a Guide Dog enjoying a break on a sunny afternoon. This stamp set is called Sitting Here




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