Project Life - Pocket Pages, Scrapbooking

Project Life school days

Welcome to my first Project Life Pocket Pages. I found it was a bit of a side step in my brain to work with in this style but the second page was much easier. I’m definitely going to be adding more of these style of pages to my album. I love that you can get so many photos on a page and still add little touches. The photos aren’t great, I’m not sure how you are supposed to get decent photos of layouts when they are encased in plastic! If anyone knows then please do leave me a comment, I must have taken 50 photos to get  these half way decent ones LOL


The papers are from a retired pack which I have heaps of so you will be seeing a lot of it in the next few pages I share. Here are some close ups of the pages


Washi tape is really useful for these pages. I used it to write info on and to keep photos in place. It looks really effective.


I enjoyed decorating the cards, each one is like a small canvas and they all go together into the bigger picture… MAGIC and fun too


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