Punch Art

Just how good are Stampin’ Up! Punches?

Well I have the answer to that! About 2 years ago I “misplaced” a punch and a few weeks ago my partner found it.

P1040502Behind the mailbox in the garden!! You can imagine the state it was in, full of dirt and leaves etc and jammed shut but with a little TLC it’s off and punching again.

Stampin’ Up! Punches are tough and last even if left out in the weather for two years apparently! And, although I wouldn’t recommend this treatment, here is the proof, some little stocking I punched out this afternoon after giving the punch a little fine tune with some layers of tin foil. I usually like to sharpen them with the tin pie plates you get with the fancy frozen pies as they are a bit easier to work with than the layers of foil.



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