ADD to your crafting budget by having fun!!

Wahoo! Stampin’ Up! has a great sign up offer going until the end of June.


I have been a Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator for 5 years this month. I am working my business part time but I know a few people who do it full time and support themselves from it. Notice I say BUSINESS, yes I AM a business owner, just a little one but a business all the same  And being the owner of this business I say the hours I work; adjust the level of effort I put in to equate with how much money I want to make (and of course set goals to figure out how t make that happen); Plot the direction I want to take and so much more. The choices are mine whether I kept it small and just sell to a few friends or work it full time or anywhere in between.

To start with I just wanted a way to support my papercrafting “habit”, which it did. I got my stuff at a discount and sold enough to pay for it. No I didnt have a large group of crafty friends and I also dont live in a big town.

For those who think it is too expensive (I hear this sometimes) try visiting other craft stores and comparing prices. Yes you can get some stuff cheaper and those chain stores BUT  our product is good quality and you get what you pay for. Our stamps come in sets so they do “look” more expensive that way but compare the prices to single stamps from reputable companies…… the bonus is ours are in a coordinated set so you dont have to try and match styles etc when designing a card.

Although SU is an Amercian company you are still “buying local” by supporting a NZ demonstrator and I feel that is important too.

But back to the topic I have never regretted signing up as a Demo My advice is give it a go! What have you got to lose! To sign up with me you just have to live in New Zealand, you dont have to live close to me as I can support you through other means than one to one. Take a look at this

Dates: May 28 – June 30, 2014

Notable Items:

  • This offer is only good until June 30, so take advantage while you can!
  • During this offer, the special $95 starter kit which includes business supplies pack (valued at $90) plus you can choose $100 in free products;
  • the regular $189 starter kit is also still available.

For more information go here and here


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