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Photopolymer all the way

Hi folks I had another play with my new Photopolymer (man! they could have named them something shorter than that!) stamp set Show and Tell One and created a completely (except for the letters) PP (there thats shorter) Card right down to the funky patterned background.


They banner border was easy peasy as you can see right through the stamp, same with when I added the arrow heads ( the wonky ones are my fault not the stamps : O )

As I mentioned in the last post I had a problem getting a good image from the Dance with Me Pennant stamp with the new style juicy ink pads. After some advice from those in the know and some more experimenting I can get it pretty good each time. Here were some of my first attempts, the wisteria is old style pad and olive new style


So how did I do it. Well it helps if you have the right surface under your work, A phone book, a Stampin’ Pierce Pad, something like that. Solid but with a bit of give. Then the trick is to hold the stamp and the ink pad up and ink it in the air. I tell my ladies, with the old style pads use Kangaroo Hops ( 2 or 3 firm jumps) with the new style pads its Bunny Hops (2 lighter bounces) but when inking Photopolymers (especially those with fine line detail) its BABY KISSES! P1020617

Here are my end results now Wasabi Old style at the top and Espresso New Style at the bottom. Not a lot of difference eh! I was pretty pleased with that. So, my friends, ink them in the air with the gentlest of BABY KISSES from the pad then press onto card firmly. You can see the ink transferring to the card and may need to add pressure to spots where it hasnt quite transferred. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. Feel free to add a link to your samples in the comments section of this post. Remember if you buy both Show and Tell One AND TWO you recieve a FREE online class on how use Photoploymer stamps


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