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Old and new unite – Photopolymer

I pulled out a very old set to stamp this card. I have actually had this image all coloured up sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration for some time and when my new Photopolmer stamp set Show and Tell One arrived the planets aligned!


The Dance with me sentiment was just what I needed but I had an awful job trying to get a good image from it using the new style ink pads so ended up using one of the old style ones and bingo there it was. The great thing about Photopolymer stamps is you can shape them. I did this for the banner string, curving the stamp onto the block instead of leaving it straight.

So my impressions so far of the Photopolymer stamps:

They can be shaped

Really firm hold on the blocks and if they lose their sticky then just wash in warm lightly soapywater to get it back.

Also being that they are good solid stamps Iwas worried you would have to tug them off the sheet ( I have had some clear stamp sets that have been so hard to get off the storage sheet that I was worried they would rip or stretch) but they peeled nicely

They are a bit stinky when you first get them out

You need to give them a good clean (season them) before use. this gets rid of any release agents still on them from the molding process

Lots in the pack and quite a few smaller images which are great for gap filling or pattern making (see tomorrows post) $28.95 for 24 images

They are solid stamps, some other brands I have used have been quite squishy but you still get quite a nice crsi clean image from our ones.

They do only come in a cellophane type packet but I have heard that any released after the new catalogue will be in our clearmount cases.

Must clean up fairly quickly to avoid staining and with a CLEAN Stampin’ Scrub (Shame on me it wasnt clean and now I have stained my stamp : (

You can use them with StazOn ink and use the Staz On cleaner BUT you must make sure EVERY drip of the cleaner is removed. My plan is to give them a wee rinse in the warm water afterwards.

I was disappointed that the hexagon stamp and banner stamps didnt fit our punches but then I remembered this set has been out in the States for longer than we have had the punches

So all in all a good investment and I hope to see more of these available to us


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