Clearance Rack Blitz


Dont miss out! Last year many products sold out in the first few hours so take advantage on my Online Shop to get your order through faster (New Zealand Customers only)

Take a look at whats on offer HERE

Edited to say:

Overview of Clearance Rack:
The purpose of the Clearance Rack is to clear out the inventory of surplus items that have been retired. Many of these retired items will be offered at a substantially reduced price.

• The clearance rack is not a promotion and has no end date.
• All products in the Clearance Rack section are retired, discontinued items. No current products will be sold in the Clearance Rack.
• Clearance Rack items are only available while supplies last. Items will be removed and new items will be posted depending on inventory levels. There is no set time for availability.
• All sales of Clearance Rack items are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted, except in the case of defective product.

Best Option for ordering is by Online Shopping as these products are sold  “while stocks last” so will be removed from the “shop” when stocks are exhausted.

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