Pop Up Dress Card Template

My guess is it would be sooooooo much easier to just use the Card Base Pop N Cuts and then the Dress Form Pop N Cuts dies but my budget is tiny at the moment so needs must!

This Insert will fit inside a standard half width A 4 length (10.5 cm X 29.7 cm) score at 15 cm

1. Ok so here we go, cut an A4 length 10 cm wide.

P1010288 (640x344)

2. Measure in 2cm from one long edge and draw a line from 9 cm to 17.5 cm Cut along this line  Flip the card over and repeat so that the cut lines are the same distance for the end.

3. Score in the middle section framed by the two cuts at 9 cm 11.5 cm and 17.5 cm

4 Score VERY LIGHTLY at 15 cm on the two thin outer strips

P1010289 (640x418) P1010290 (640x472)

5. Gently fold the 9cm score to a valley the 11.5 to a mountain and the 17.5 to a valley also then the 15cm fold to a valley this should form the pop out section You may need to ease the folds into place to make it all sit flat depending on how exact your scoring was : ) Flatten in all your folds well with a bone scorer

P1010291 (468x640)

Now to shape the end

6 Using a Framelits dies slip the folded card over one edge and under the next so that the cut ends of the card are what will be cut

P1010296 (640x347) P1010302 (640x352)

I have shown two different dies here one is the large shape from Apothecary Accents and the other is from the Labels framelits

P1010292 (640x477)

7. Tape in place with re-positional tape or sticky notes so it wont move. Make sure you have positioned it equally and have the top edge of the die even with the end of the cardstock.

8. Die cut the two ends together with the Big Shot

Now to position it in the card you are going to stick in one side at a time

9. Add adhesive to only the frame part of one side of the insert NOT the pop out bit and position right AT the fold line of your base card These measurements should give you a wee frame of the base card around the edge but not overhang the base card.

10. Then while keeping your inner folded again put adhesive only on the frame part of the insert and fold the card base closed onto it.

P1010304 (640x579) Now when you open it it should look like this!

P1010298 (347x640) P1010297 (346x640)

Once you have got that the world is your oyster! Of course the fancy die does have a wee diagonal slit across each back bottom corner that the front corners slot into to keep the card closed but you can add that if you want to, I didn’t bother.


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