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Birthday Girl Punch Art

I thought it was about time I did some more punch art, my punches were starting to feel very “uncreative” as they only got to punch out as themselves not reinventing themselves as part of a fabulous creation. So here is a wee tutorial for yesterdays punch art card…… Birthday Girl

P1010276 (364x640)And here is how to make her you will need the following


Now for a few tips on how to put her together. its a bit hard to see on the recipe sheet above but there is a line drawn on the hair piece to show you about where to cut. Then you can add the pony tails to the back of it before adhering it to the face, Add the shoes to each end of the leg piece and cut it in half. For the arms position it as shown and trim off excess even with dress edge. Add legs , flowers to pony tails then outline with black pen and add face etc.

P1010270 (640x419) P1010266 (468x640)

And finished she looks like this


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