Christmas Matryoshkas

I loved these Matryoshkas or Russian Nesting Dolls when I was younger and my youngest loves them now. I have a set of Santa ones that inspired these projects. These are ATC sized so the biggest is around 2.5 X 3.5″ for this first one I did Santa, Mrs Santa, a Snowman and then a wee Rudolf. It is just your basic Concertina card with each “piece” smaller than the next.

Matroyshka Xmas (600x800) Matroyshka xmas side 2 (800x600) matroyshka xmas side one (800x600)The second version was at the request of a friend who had specific characters in mind.

P1000815 (480x640) P1000818 (517x640) P1000821 (450x640)

P1000819 (432x640)            P1000820 (479x640)

Tomorrow something NOT Christmas I promise!


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