A Little Honesty

Sorry yet again that I have failed in my blogging and getting my Christmas Bonus Project tutorials out to my newsletter subscribers. I am having some issues at the moment which last week included lack of Broadband after my teens used most of it in 3 days!!! plus I am having problems with my eyes that limit my time working on computers etc to checking my emails really.

The biggest obstacle is my ongoing  battle with depression. Some of you will already know that I have had depression for many many years which over the last six months has become really problematic as the medication I have isn’t helping as it has in the past. The next six weeks are going to be tough as I have to wean off one lot and start a new one so please forgive me if my posting and communication are a bit erratic. I will do what I can. Depression is a hard thing to live with for both the person suffering it and the family around them. One of the hardest things is sometimes you just dont know why you feel so sad another is that depression isn’t one of things other people can “see” like a broken limb so it is harder to accept.  I am fairly up front about having depression and have over the years learned how to help myself and limit its effects so that most of the time I can put on a very good “public face” so nobody would ever guess how bad I feel. There are some wonderful people in my life (especially my partner of 20 years) who help prop me up when its all too much for which I am very grateful.

Recently I found this piece written by Stephen Fry about depression and I hope it helps you to understand a little more. To anyone else out there who is suffering I send my heartfelt understanding and give this advice. Keep trying to find the joy and the light enjoy the moments of brightness and savor them when darkness envelops you but above all dont give up, keep trying!


2 comments on “A Little Honesty

  1. Just keep making all those lovely cards and projects Lisa – you are so talented. When you feel surrounded by darkness just look up at the stars and think of them as your family of stamping friends who are thinking of you. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Lisa for sharing this – I never knew. You are a very talented crafter and I enjoy visiting your blog to see what amazing things you come up with. Will be thinking of you over the next 6 weeks as you adjust your medication. Know you have a wider family who care for you 🙂

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