Paper Crafters Day Roundup

I must say I had a great day yesterday with the ladies who attended my Monthly Papercrafters Day here in Leeston. We had lots of laughs and got to meet some new people while sharing something we all enjoy.

One of my newcomers brought her Earthquake Album that she has been working on. She had been collecting paper cuttings and photos along the way from our first big one in Sep 2010 through the devastation of Feb 22 right up to the present and wanted to DO something with them so launched herself into the world of scrapbooking to record her journey through this trying time. It was a real honour to have this special record shared with us.

I showed the ladies lots of ways to use up your scraps including these cards using up strips of paper.

 And another version of the punched out version using ribbon instead of paper strips.

So if you would like to come along next month and join in the fun mark down the last Sunday of the month on your calendar!!

Sunday  28th October 10-4 $5



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