Sick Note two

Would you believe Im sick again but not one to do things by halves I have a chest infection and Im being treated for  Whooping cough as well. But Im not finished yet I discovered about the Whooping cough as a result of a “paroxysm” of coughing that caused me to momentarily lose consciousness and plow up the back end of a BMW stopped at lights. Luckily for me I only have some pretty coloured bruises and sore bits. I am very grateful to Mr BMW being stopped there as otherwise I would have gone through a major intersection. Scary stuff ! I managed to go out for a wee while today sporting my very fancy face mask so as not to infect anyone else but slept for 5 hours when I got home. I do have some lovely bits to show you from todays get together but they will have to wait for a few days. Keep warm folks and watch this space


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