DYI Varicolour Ink Pad

Sound interesting huh! i had some fun making my own DYI Varicolour Ink Pad using a baby wipe, some reinkers and a plastic tray.

DYI Varicolour pad (800x677)

So here it is! I folded up a couple of baby wipes and placed them on a plastic tray. This is important because the ink WILL make its way through the wipe with use. I learnt this the hard way but did manage to get the ink off the table top : )

Next add drops of various colours of reinker  on the wipes in a random pattern trying not to leave any gaps in the middle.

Then stamp! When you have finished with it throw it away or you could try popping it in a snaplock bag for next time?????

DYI Varicolour sample (763x800)

Here is what it can look like when you stamp with it. I tried using a roller with it too.

DYI Variclour roller sample (800x589)

Pretty cool huh! Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the bottom sample……


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