A year ago today the heart was ripped out of Christchurch, its face changed forever. I was at work at Lincoln (about 20 k south of Chch) that day surrounded by Mums and Dads with young babies when the violent shaking started. I was so proud of them as no one really panicked except maybe me a little. I was grateful for being with that group of parents as we were able to support each other especially when the texts started coming in of the terrible damage and then of the news no one wanted to hear, the deaths. I was even more grateful when I knew all my family was safe too. Everyone had been amazed that no one had been killed in the Sept 4 quake but Christchurch was not to be so lucky this time with the sad loss of 185 souls. Most people in our community were touched by the loss of someone they knew or knew of and it gave life a new meaning.

My heart goes out to all those involved in the rescue  efforts. I cannot imagine what you had to see and do in those hours and days but I’m so glad you were there for those you helped.

Christchurch will rise again from the dust, a new and better Christchurch but we will not forget those who were lost or the impact the quakes have had on our lives. Kia Kaha Christchurch


DSCF3539 (619x800)


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