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Gotta share…….

BIG BIRD in all his glory! My daughter has a friend helping her build a bird house and she wanted to give him a little something relating to birds. I have been working on some of these lolly leg creations today for my Christmas Giftables Class on November 6th and she liked them too so I suggested a Big Bird one. Of course it had to be done NOW!! so I have just finished it for her hence the dodgy night time photos.

My lovely friend Anj had been here tonight doing some stamping and left us with some M and Ms which Zoe swiftly sorted and turned into Big Birds legs. They are stacked in some skinny acetate bags. Then through the magic of Punch Art I created his body and feet. I should have taken a photo of inside his beak cos he even has the Big Bird tongue and mouth to match. Not too shabby eh! I hope her friend enjoys Big Bird.

4 thoughts on “Gotta share…….”

  1. He sure looks fantastic, I just love him. I do have a question Lisa, are you able to tell me where you get your long skinny cellophone bags from.



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