Pudgy Puss Punch Art

Ok ladies and gents here it goes. Pudgy Puss!

To make Pudgy Puss you will need:

Full Heart Punch – Feet

Wide Oval – Arms and Head and Face also Tail

1 3/4″ Circle – Tummy

1/2″ circle – Paws

5 Petal flower – Inner Ears

Heart to Heart  using the Wide heart – Ears

Small circle from Itty Bitty Punch set – Eyes

1″ circle – Nose

2 1/2″ Circle DIE from the Circles #2 Originals die – Body

You can see  the hearts have been repunched to create the ovals for Puss’ Feet. The tail was created by reinserting the card back into the punch after i had already punched out an oval. Position the punch to create the shape above under the largest circle.

Now I did change the Ears so ignore the full hearts at the top of this pic as I used the widest heart from the Heart to Heart punch instead. Heres how the face and head look.

I used a black marker to dot and dash a border round each piece and to draw on features as well as the White gel pen to draw on the eye details. Each piece is sponged and I stamped tone on tone with the block image from Clearly for You on each piece too.

I think you can probably see how to make the other two characters from yesterday but if you have any questions or want to order any of the punches shown feel free to Email me! Hope you enjoyed seeing how to make a Pudgy Puss of your own.


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