What would you change?


The Extra-Large Ornament punch (item 119847) is available to order again!

Ok ladies I need to pick your brains. I made this card but I’m not, not, not happy with it! So what would you change? Leave me a comment to go in the draw for a special surprise!


9 comments on “What would you change?

  1. Hey Lisa…great card BTW….but perhaps the HM in the red instead of Green??? Minor thought?? or texture the 3 white panels with Square Lattice Embossing plate?? Wld give a little dimension. ooxx

  2. I would have matted the DSP with Yellow, would have toned down the intensity of the darker colours and would have popped the yellow 🙂

  3. hi, lisa,
    i too have had many cards where, im not sure about it, thinking it might need something more but was unsure as to what….

    this card i would have added another layer on top of the base card to break up the red maybe even added a little bit of dry embossing to that layer, and add another level to the card, as you have gone with green, for the center piece i probably would have gone with a green.

    Another idea is to maybe move the center piece to the middle of the card and then added a little bit of ribbon to the top piece.

    But this is still a great card

  4. Hi , I would leave the white card whole and matt it between the read and white. then see how it looks maybe centre middle square

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