Shame on those looters

It absolutely floors me that in this time of destruction and loss people can think only of themselves and go “shopping” in other people’s misery. How those (pardon the word but) Mongrels could even think of stealing generators from the CBD is incredible. When we are seeing so many examples of people’s selflessness and bravery its easy to forget there are people who don’t think like that. SHAME on you!

Yesterday I still held my class, it was a great chance for the ladies who came to share their experiences and just de-stress a little. It was nice to have some company and to have a little bit of “normal” I did hum and ha about whether to carry on with this workshop but in the end took Mayor Bob’s advice and just tried to carry on with life as much as possible. I haven’t got as far as photographing  the cards we made today but I have one I made for a challenge on Crafters Anonymous which is very suitable.

Kia Kaha Christchurch!




4 comments on “Shame on those looters

  1. Those scroundrel looters deserve to be publically humiliated and jailed for their crimes. It’s despicable behaviour! Your class would have been a welcome relief to those that attended. Kind thoughts and prayers are with you all, at this difficult time.

  2. Bring back the stocks so that we can throw rotten eggs at those mongrels. On the other hand my heart is full because of the wonderful, unselfish people of Christchurch who are helping each other. Those are the people who bring tears to my eyes and who I am thankful for. Bless you all for the part you are playing.

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