Hoping and praying

Have now heard from all my immediate family who are safe. My Dads house is trashed and they have had to move out but that’s nothing. My heart goes out to those friends and strangers who have lost family members or who still have loved ones missing. It’s an awful situation and one in which you feel so helpless in.

Just when we thought the aftershocks were settling this new quake was so shocking. As is the damage, loss and destruction. I was at work when it struck on Tuesday, just getting on with life as we have all been trying to do down here in Canterbury since Sept 4. Along with the other coordinator and the group of Mums and Babies, we stood  gauging the strength of what we thought was just another aftershock until we felt the severity.  Little did we know!  Then the texts started coming in checking on the Mums and telling of the destruction in the CBD and Christchurch. We stayed together chatting and keeping each other calm for quite a while trying to keep things “normal”, dropping to protect the babies when we had an aftershock. Thanking God we were alright and praying that our families were too.

My heart and thoughts go out to all those who have lost loved ones and those whose loved ones are still missing.  Kia Kaha


5 comments on “Hoping and praying

  1. Lisa, sad to hear of your fathers house, but great to hear you are all safe and uninjured. I cannot even begin to know how terribly freightening it must have been to endure, along with the aftershocks still occurring. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with everyone in NZ and hoping you all remain safe. Angie xx

  2. Lisa I’m so glad you and your family are alright-it’s hard to lose houses- but as you say that’s nothing to losing friends – we’re still thinking of you all down there- Debx

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