Make the Most of your Mask

Ever heard of masking?? It’s a great technique to know and I often use it. I made some “designer paper” using this technique  which I will show you how to do. It is a simple paper but you can make it as complex as you wish.

 All you need are some stamps, sticky notes, ink pads  and cardstock.

Choose which image or images you want to be the main feature and stamp those onto the Sticky notes so that when you cut around the image there is some of the sticky on the back of it. This will be your mask.

Next stamp your main images where you want them.

Now your ready to stamp on the filler images. Place the mask over one main image at a time. And stamp away moving the mask (or making more than one) to cover each main image until all the paper is covered 

And when your finished it could look like this

Now you can add finishing touches like colouring parts of it or adding sparkle or Crystal effects to gloss over some bits.

P.S I used the branchie stamp from Sweet Summer, the new SAB set, and the heart from Priceless for this paper. Remember Sweet Summer is only available for limited time and you can only get yours by placing  a $120 or by hostessing an in home workshop with sales of $700 or more.Email me!

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