Shimmer Paint Experiment Part TWO

Have you got Shimmer paint? Are you sitting looking at it  instead of using it? Hopefully when you see what I did with it you might wanna grab it and paint up a storm!

So you need a piece of acetate or plastic packaging to use as a palette to mix your colours on, some Frost White Shimmer Paint ( if you havent got any Email me! to order yours) and a paint brush, old blender pen or similar to paint with.

Start by putting a small blob of Paint on you Palette and then add colour beside it.

For strong vibrant colours use a drop of  Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills ($7.25 +shipping)                                                                                              

For paler colours use Stampin Write Markers ($6.95 + shipping) or Classic Stampin’ Pads ($14.25 + shipping). Either squiggle some of the marker on to the palette as shown above or swipe an ink pad across the palette.

Here comes the fun bit……. Painting!!

The steps from here are the same whichever colorants you use. Mix the colour in adding more as required to get the colour you want. As with any colouring you want to start pale and work more colour in to get darker. Much easier to fix too pale then too dark!!

I used a Blender Pen ( 3pk for $22.95 + shipping) to paint my Concord Crush shimmer paint onto the butterflies. Notice You don’t need much for a small area. I coloured the remaining paint with Peach Parfait for another card which I will show you tomorrow.

I just used a tissue to clean the tip of the pen it was still a little concord coloured but that didn’t affect the Peach parfait colour when I used the pen for that.

This is the inside of the card I showed you the other day, it got the Shimmer Paint treatment too!

You can of course use the shimmer paint straight with a dauber direct on a stamp, this gives a great result on dark colours.

Check this out.


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