Its Tidy finally!

I feel such a sense of achievement today. My Office desk is finally clean tidy and organised! I have managed to make 4 yes FOUR cards this afternoon without having to stop and spend ages looking for that one thing I so desperately want to use but can’t lay my hands on!

The photo is a bit dodgy as I couldn’t find the camera (it wasn’t in my tidy office) so I had to take it on my phone. Strangely I couldn’t find the camera because it was right where I left it. Pity it took me so long to remember just where that was!!

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4 comments on “Its Tidy finally!

  1. Okay, you have me intrigued, where did you get the containers that you have your stamp pads and dies in? And the rack that your punches are on? My space needs some serious rearranging and these wold be perfect 🙂

    • Hi Trina I got them from Payless in Christchurch. They are just the right width and I think fit 10 pads and does tidy them up. The shelf thing I have my punches on is handmade and I found it at a local second hand shop.

      • Awesome, thank you, I think they look better than the Carousel and seem to take up less space. I shall go searching 😉

  2. well done! I was looking at my room and thinking how the heck am I going to pack it all up and shift it to the new house! just so scary – would rather just play in it not pack it!!

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