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On the Tenth and Eleventh Days of Christmas

Day 10: Something to Post


Went with something a bit quirky here. I created a “Lazy Letter” to Santa for Dee. You know those ones where you have  mulitchoice tick boxes so you dont have to write too much. Santa also sent Dee a letter which  I included. Hope she can clean up her act and impress him with her reformed character in these last few days before Christmas Eve!

P.S We are still ignoring that Santa stamp so avert your eyes! Dee was more selective in her products and managed to use all SU supplies and my favourite paper too even if it is retired I still love it. Its just not the same in the new colours : (



In the pocket on one side is envelopes and on the other is a note pad Such a clever idea and very pretty!

 Day 11: Something Sparkley – Enter the Smooch Spritz! I love this stuff and its so easy to use.

Although its hard to see this vintage inspiration canvas shimmers and sparkles. I also added some rhinestones for added sparkle.

I was anazed by what Dee sent me Its a snow globe full of sparkles and stamped with one of the new stamp sets that has cute birds and cages in it.Clever you Dee!

Just one day left now. MySURPRISE Day according to our theme..

2 thoughts on “On the Tenth and Eleventh Days of Christmas”

  1. Hi there
    In the above post it shows the cottage gardens paper thing with the envelopes on one side etc.

    Do you have a pattern l could maybe buy from you for this

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