Tomorrow will be a better day! Not that this week has been a bad one so far just tomorrow I WILL post something for you to look at. I  had a very busy day yesterday , hold your hat ladies cos here it comes!

1. Get three kids to school and do some quick jobs around the house

2. Zoom across the countryside exercise class10-11.45

3. Zoom across the countryside to work 12-4

4. Then home to pick up the youngest child from the sitter while the older two are still fighting over whose job it is. 4 – 4.15

5. Sort out kids and tea (home less than an hour) Make some business calls, check emails etc 4.15-5.00

6. Business Seminar 5.30 -8.15

7. Learn to play Badminton 8.15 – 9.45

8. Scoot home again arriving about 10.15

9. Back to sorting out the kids who are still up, check on the one who is asleep

10. Spend two minutes with poor patient MAN of the house then bed!

Today was a bit more relaxed but still lots to be done and I ran a great class tonight with three really cute projects. Midway through of course the cat caught a frog and brought it in to show the ladies! It was huge and very noisy!

Life is pretty hectic at the moment as I am working 4 days a week plus the three kids and running my Stampin’ Up! business. Please forgive me for not posting at my usual pace this week. So as I said….



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