Have a look at this quake map link

One of the ladies on my team posted this link of the Christchurch quakes. It was amazing to watch and know just about every single one of them has rocked my house and we are still here.

Unfortunately the Great Dunkleys Craft Show that was to be held at Addington Raceway this weekend  has had to be cancelled due to damage to the venue from this mornings big shake.

I’m so over these shakes my nerves are stretched tight and I’m contemplating going to bed, hiding under the covers  and staying there! So far my lovely new stamps from the Idea Book and Catalogue have kept me “mostly” sane. I have made some really lovely things over the last couple of days which I will share with you soon.  Remember if you would like a copy of the new IB&C Email me!
and I can post you one at a cost of $15.95 +$2 for Postage. I can even ship you any orders you place. Doesnt matter where you are in New Zealand!

Sorry there isn’t anything exciting to look at but hopefully thinks will be back to normal soon : )


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