Shaken but not stirred

Hi ladies just a quick post to let you know I’m still in the land of the living after yesterday mornings earthquake. Man that was scary! 7.1 on the Richter scale at 4.35am. Apparently I can still run if I have too even if the earth is moving and jumping round in a most peculiar way. I know the position you are supposed to assume but when you have kids in the house your first thought is to get to them. We all sat snuggled in doorways with blankets and the radio keeping each other company till it got light. things are so much easier to cope with when it’s not dark as well. My kids were pretty amazing and we all stayed calm. Although the night timing isn’t nice it did mean we were all together in the same place when the quake hit. Anyway we are very grateful to be safe and sound with minimal loses. We now have power back and are just rolling with the aftershocks and waiting for the nasty weather that is supposed to be coming. I’m glad its held off for so longe especially for the people who’s houses are damaged so they can get covers in place etc to protect whats left.We are about 20 k from the epicentre and very glad not to have been closer or in any of the areas that got hit worst. Thinking of all those people who have lost their homes and  businesses. It’s incredible no one was killed especially when you think of the devastation quakes of the same magnitude elsewhere have wreaked.

Normal transmission will resume in a few days as we are still very much in limbo waiting for the big aftershock that is expected and also being under a state of emergency. Take care people


11 comments on “Shaken but not stirred

  1. Lisa I am so glad to read your post this morning! What a scary thing to happen and as you say, thank goodness it happened at a time when all your family were together so you didn’t have to search around as it would have been very difficult locating everyone… hoping all your friends and neighbours are OK too and sending love across the Tasman!

  2. Hey Lisa – so reassuring to read this post, and know you guys are OK. You were my first thought when we heard the news! Big hugs to you and your family – praying that the worst is over for you now. xxoo

  3. So pleased to hear you and your family are safe. no matter about the loss of material items, as long as you are all safe and together

    Our best wishes are with you all down there, we are all so happy to hear about the no loss of life or major injuries, again our thoughts and hugs to all cantaburians.

  4. Glad you are all safe..that is the main thing!! Its lucky it wasnt later in the day aye as things might have been ten times worse.
    Still it must have been terrifying in the dark!

  5. Great to hear that you are all ok Lisa. How terrifying for you all. Thank goodness no lives lost – a miracle! I have been thinking of you all weekend. Keep smiling!!

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