Bags never looked SEW darn cute

Yes its my raggedy vintage Top Note Patchwork Bag! Here at last is my bag!

Anne and  were so excited about our outing to the quilting shop but we forgot one very important thing. Um how much material would we need. We stood looking blankly at each other. Then I formed an open rectangle with my fingers to about the dimensions of the Top Note and went to see the shop lady. “Excuse me. How much material will we need if we need 19 this size?” I felt like a right twit but the poor woman took it all in her stride and told us how much. MY next problem (unlike Anne who had a “plan”) was which gorgeous fabric to pick! Do I get retro funky, basic, solid colours, flowery, all the same of mixed and then omigosh what colour and pattern! In the end I went to the bargain barrel and picked a couple of pieces (Artichoke colour with bumble bees and an almost Razzleberry patterned one) then I went back to the piece I had just fallen in love with – Almost Elegant Eggplant Jacquard with old-fashioned roses on it. I still wasnt really sure and then Anne found a fat quarter (don’t you just love the term) of another Jacquard patterned fabric in a peachy colour. Next decision was a button but that had to wait till we got to my local drapery shop and there I found the most wonderful buttons for only 90 cents each!

The quilting shop lady also introduced me to this iron on lining stuff called Pillon?? So we cut sandwiches of the top pretty fabric and the pillon which we had ironed onto calico. Then sewed them diagonally from corner to corner; pieced them into rows and then sewed the rows together before finally sewing it all into a tube. The bottom was a bit tricky as the sides were  a little wider than the bottom so I eased them into place still matching the centre points. To finish it off I made straps, a button loop and sewed on the button. After washing it and popping it through the dryer it’s all fluffed up beautifully. Both of my girls want one now! I’m thinking I might make one to carry my big shot round in, that should work if I use close weave strong fabric and double stitch the seams. Oh the possibilities, a Coffee maker cover, a whole quilt if I had the patience.


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