Websites, eCards and other curiosities

This week has been a real learning curve for me as I started setting up my Stampin’ Up! Business Website. You can find it here

Isnt it pretty, I love these colours and the Organic Grace Level 1 Hostess Stamp set. You can go there to view the catalogues, check out my classes and the promotions as well as get some project instructions.

Do you remember life before the age of computers? I could write everything to anyone without having to know how to get a “print  screen” or convert to a jpg. or change fonts or write a blog for that matter. It amazes me how much I have learned about using this amazing thing and the internet.

On Monday I sent out a newsletter. Did you get yours? If you didnt and you would like to get my newsletter the sign up is on the left hand sidebar. (Something i had to learn to do) Today I learned about e Cards. I created one and sent it out to my local customers. And here I am now blogging. Now Im off to fiddle with my widgets and put up a link to my website in the sidebar. Took me a while to figure out what a widget is in all honesty though!


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