I feel Special today

When I popped out to the mail box I found the usual assortment of people wanting money from me but buried between the bills was something special.  Something just for me! One of my customers, the lovely Rita, had sent me an order. No that’s not the special bit, although I do very much appreciate that. Instead of just popping it in an envelope she had also sent me a lovely hand stamped card.

Although I make and give lots of cards I don’t often get cards myself especially not handcrafted ones so I was so pleased that Rita sent me some of her work. This is the reaction I hope people will feel when I make my cards and create scrapbook pages. I want them to feel special reading the words and seeing the effort I have gone  to let them know I care.

Make someones day! Send them a card for absolutely no other reason than to let them know you care and that they are special too!

Rita chose the perfect set, Garden Whimsy,  which is one that has been on my   for a very long time.  I’m happy to say is staying in the new IB&C. I’m taking preorders NOW for the special price of $10 for Sept 1st delivery Email me! for payment instructions.


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