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Hey Sweet Pea where you been?

Gosh ladies it feels like so long since I have been able to visit with you but between sick kids and other committments I havent been able to find the time to blog. Lucky for you Im here now to share some inspiration!

Arent they gorgeous! A lovely bunch of Sweet Peas I can almost smell them. Sweet Peas were my Grandfathers favourite flower so I had to try these out. I first saw these wee flowers at SENZ as one of the other demos working with me there is a whizz at paper flowers. Hi Kayoko! And then on Swap Sisters on Tuesday Night the lovely Anne showed us another different version. So do you want to know how to make them? Well read on people…

I used the Butterfly Punch and Small Heart punch from Stampin’ Up!® and also my brand new Tombo Multi Purpose Adhesive also available from Stampin’ Up!. I dont know how I have lived without this stuff for so long!! this is another one of the things Kayoko taught me about at SENZ : )

Sorry the pics arent the flashest but I have been severly challenged by my graphics programme. If it doesnt start behaving I WILL throw it out the “Windows”. But do have a go at these sweet peas and then email me a photo or link to this post so I can see yours.

Another quick note is that they dont work so well we textured cardstock as it doesnt separate into layers as well as the smooth cardstock.

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