Beautiful Blogger…

Wow I was so surprised to receive this honour from a  fellow blogger “Crafty Helen” Williams

Now I must pass the award on to another 10 Beautiful Blogs AND tell you 10 things about myself.  So without further to do and in no particular order, here  are the 10 Beautiful Blogs of 10 beautiful people!

1. Anne Brignall

2. Ellen Kemper

3. Diane Bell Robertson

4. Angie Kennedy Juda

5. Tee Jay Horrell

6. Jacque  Pedersen

7. Paula Dobson

8. Kristine McNickel

9. Andrea Walford

10. Becky Roberts

It is very hard to choose who to pop up here as there are so many inspirational blogs AND super lovely people who have encouraged and inspired me. If your not here it doesnt mean I dont love you but it could mean that youve already had this award and rather than making you do it twice I have added some blogs which might inspire you too.

Right, 10 things about me – not that Im that exciting but it may interest you to know:

1. My favourite colour is purple

2. I recently discovered I like Hummus but  the pumpkin/kumara/ capsicum one is my fav.

3. I make the best cheescake in the world! OK so my family thinks I do

4. I have been a Stampin’ Up Demo for 11 months and 7 days

5. I held a snake when we visited Queensland back in 2002

6. I am a keen genealogist and can trace some of my family back over 13 generations

7. My first job after leaving school was in a supermarket

8. My elder children go to the same high school as I did and my youngest is at the same primary school I attended.

9. I HATE housework! It gets in the way of crafting : )

10. I dont like heights!!


2 comments on “Beautiful Blogger…

  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. You are such a talent and a lovely lady to boot!

    PS: Did your get my card in the mail? I hope it arrived safely.


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