No Photos! What now!

Its happened to all of us. You plan a special outing or something really exciting happens and the youve left the camera behind or the battery is flat. But you still want to record this event so here are some ideas to help you out.

  • Take a photo of something you brought back from your trip
  • Download an image from the net that supports your story
  • Use a page that already has a design on it similar to that of the birds in the Candy Lane pack
  • Create a beautiful stamped page to frame your words. Make the words the picture and highlight them
  • Support it with an embellishment like punch art

For this layout I wanted to record some childhood happenings. Of course me driving a tractor didnt rate up there with me in a pretty dress when it came to taking photos so there is no photo, I have created a photo substitute using DSP and a punch art tractor.

I love to rattle my family tree and see what falls out and one of the best things that I can get are stories. Especially about long gone relatives and often when you get back a bit there are no photos of these ancestors. That doesnt make these stories any less precious in fact the stories can help you create your own picture in your head of what people ad things might have been like. Photography is still a fairly recent thing when you think about it.

If you do make a layout without photos I would love to see it so do feel free to email me a link.


One comment on “No Photos! What now!

  1. Lisa …. love your layout, this looks great ….who needs pictures, your punch art and journalling captures the event beautifully … well done!!! Love the title ….

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