Does ANYONE like Tess?

I have heard one or two negaitve comments about my Tess lately. Apparently not everyone likes her. I am of course talking about the newly released set Toteally Tess in the Autumn/Winter Mini Catalogue.

I used her on this adaption of yesterdays card

Tess is wearing a Pink Pirouette jacket with this seasons Bella Blue paisley print trousers. Dont you love the special touch the new dotty embossing folder adds too.

NOTE: When using Craft inks remember they dont dry as fast as Classic dye inks so let them dry thoroughly before folding or layering cards.

We used Tess today in my Kidstamp Class too 5 young ladies had fun making the Tess tote bag and  2 note cards.

Im really loving that Melon Mambo colour and arent those little punch art purses cute. Both my Tess set and my Fox and Friends sets are in the new clear mount style which I am really enjoying. The stamp blocks are really easy to hold and use, far superior to any of the other I have. Must get some more…..

So what do you think Do YOU like Tess?


6 comments on “Does ANYONE like Tess?

  1. Actually an eleven year old I was stamping with in the weekend loved it. So she is great for that age group. Your creations are great as well.

  2. I adore Tess!!! I just had to limit what I was spending cos it was getting crazy when I did my pre-order! LOL So who’s been bad-mouthing the coolest chick out???

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