E i E i O

Old McDonald Had a farm and you know the rest! When I first saw the Free standing pop up card  I could see a big old red barn with opening doors and animals inside so you know I had to try it….

Out in the barnyard with the barn closed upOut in the Barnyard with the barn doors closed. Dont ya love the wee tractor? Now this card is all made using Stampin’ Up Punches and lots of double and repunching and a tiny bit of trimming. Shall I open the doors?

Chickens, Pigs, cow, dog and horse they're all there!

This card is small enough that it fits into a normal size Stampin’ Up! envelope and all the punch art is miniature size. My favourites are the cow, the dog and the tractor! Did you see the wee hay bales in the loft?

And it all folds up flat, just like this

The little fences are all made using the Wagon Full of Fun wagon stamp. I inked up the plank bits with a chocolate chip marker so I didnt get the wheels or handle then stamped and cut them out. So what do you think? I love it but then again I made it!

Watch out for my new classes coming in February and March.


20 comments on “E i E i O

  1. This is so great. Where on earth did you get the idea from Lisa, or was it one of those cards that floats round in your head for a while before you can actually get it down on paper? lol

    I think it is truly divine!

    • Hey Paula I have this little barn ornament that opens up so you can the animals inside which I love and when Anne showed me how to do this card it popped straight into my head and wouldnt go away. Then it was just a matter of figuring out how to make them up!

  2. this is amazing Lisa! you are the queen of punch art! I am inspired to go and make a pop up card for the first time but it would never be a work of art like this one! Are you keeping it as a demo display or is it intended for some very very lucky kid?

  3. WOW, Lisa – this is divine! Roll over, KarenR! Even she loves this one! You are one clever chick – definitely deserving of the ‘Queen of Punch Art’ crown!! 🙂

  4. WOW WOW WOW this is great I live on a farm and love this idea. It must have taken you ages to punch and asemble all the parts. I never thought of taking the pop up card to a whole new level. I’m gonna have to tr something like this.

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    • Thanks for the comment Carol you have done a lovely job of your card Im happy you shared it so I could see : )

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