Good Neighbors aren’t that hard to find

Not when you can get this set from me for FREE just by ordering $120 worth of product or by hosting a $700 workshop!

I love this wee set, Ive always had a thing for houses so this set was right up my alley.

These checkerboard cards are really fun, they open out to reveal a surprise or special words. The sentiment on this one is from Sweet Sentiments a level1 hostess set.

Here is a quick rundown on how to make your own.

1. Trim an A4 peice of card down to an 8″ square (yup sorry I like this one in inches)

2. Score in 2 ” from each edge

3. Remove the 4 corner squares created by the scoring

4. Fold flaps in and interlock them like you would if you were closing the top of a cardboard box.

5. Decorate the 4 visible square on the front and dont forget to do something special on the inside too

Fancy making your own one of these cards come to my class on Wednesday night where we will create another version.


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