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Rover the Sheepdog Punch Art

As promised yesterday here is how to make Rover.

rover the sheepdog recipe

Ok Here is what you need:

1 3/8″ Circle X4

– Head – Rump – trimmed for ears as shown –  double punched with scallop oval for fur on top of head

1 1/4″ square X1

trimmed for front legs

Scallop Circle X1

Chest Fluff

1″ Circle X3

cut 2 in half then  shaped into a curve for 3 feet and 1small rump – the third one needs to be double punched with the Scallop Oval for the muzzle

Scallop oval X1

Trimmed for tail

1 3/8″ Circle different colour for Collar

punch out the circle then put the paper back in the punch and punch again close to the last cut to form a crescent shape for the collar

I have used Very Vanilla and inked all the edges with a sponge after formes each piece listed except for the collar.

To put Rover together:

Start with the top fur and glue in place on top of head, add muzzle then ears.

Glue collar on the chest fluff as shown and then add head to chest fluff above the collar.

Start with front legs add RH front foot and then RH rump.

Add Rump to LH side and then back foot before gluing the other front foot in place overlapping as shown. Add tail behind rump and back foot.

Position and glue head and chest in place.

Draw on his face and give him a name!Rover the sheepdog

I  like to use the Stampin’ Up! 2 way glue pen for my punch art its the best oe Ive come across with its special wedge head ideal for putting glue on tiny pieces and in poky places. Its quick drying and goes on blue so you can see where you have glued but is clear once its dry. It is permanent if stuck together when the glue is wet (blue) or repostional if you wait for the glue to dry before sticking together(clear). And all for only $7.75 +shipping. The bonus is its Acid Free!

If  you need to clarify anything about Rover or wish to order any of the tools used Drop Me a Line!

Ka Kite

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