Sweet Juicy Watermelon

I looked at Watermelon in the shops the other day. My kids love it but oh dear it was $8 something a chunk not even a whole one. It stayed where it was and I got inspired to try this wee girl instead.

My Sweet Wee Watermelon Grl

watermelon girl

Watermelon Girl

1 Small heart halved for pony tails

1” circle for head

1” circle trimmed for hair

3X trimmed small flowers for hands and ears

2X Feet punchies

Scallop Circle trimmed  for skirt


1 3/8” circles in red green and white trimmed and layered. Take “bites” out of the red piece with the horizontal slot punch

Im really enjoying playing with my punches and I have a few more new designs to share with you yet so I guess I will extend Punch Art Week to Punch Art Fortnight!!

Hope your enjoying my designs. Stampin’ Up! has great punches so if you would like to get some Email Me

Ka Kite


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