Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Boy!

I have seen these Punch art pumpkins everywhere but how often do you get an occassion that calls for a pumpkin. Well teh time was NOW! and because I have been having so much fun with my little people I combined the two into Pumpkin Boy!
Pumpkin Boy Recipe

Isnt he just too cute!! I think mostly you can figure it out yourself but here is the list and I will show you a few of the double punching steps too

Pumpkin Boy


2X 1 3/8” circles

1 X large oval double punched at one end

1 Large Oval for lid double punched for inverted scallop

1 X horizontal slot for stem


Double punched 1 ¼” square for bent arm remanent for other arm

1” circle for head

3 trimmed flowers for hands and ears

Trimmed 1”circle for hair

Trimmed large oval for shirt

Trimmed 1 ¼”square for legs

1X small heart halved for shoes

double punching the lid for the pumpkin slip the Large oval back in to the punch and take wee nibbles out all around as pictured

The pumpkin lid is made with a Large Oval Punch which you slide back into the punch to take nibbles out of it . You can make holly leaves with this method too!

bigger flatter nibbles across the back

PA arm step1

And then for the bent arm punch a corner off with the 1 1/4" square

Slide the piece further in evenly and punch to form an L shape Taa Daa 1 bent arm

And there you have it … PUMPKIN BOY! If you have any questions or would like to order any of the punches referenced drop me a line in the contact box below. Tomorrow I will be making a special announcement of the new Stampin’ Up! Promotion and announcing the winner of the Mystery Hostess Draw. Will it be you? Did you remember to place your order? I will be doing The Mystery Hostess Draw again next month again so simply place your order of $50 or more and let me know which Level 1 Set you would like if your name is drawn.

Ka Kite


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