Growing pretty babies

You remember that rumour that said babies came from the cabbage patch well at my house today they come in a flower pot!

Surfing the net I saw a stamp design for a cute flower pot baby and I thought I can do that with punches. And I did. So here is the recipe for my punch art flower pot babies


flowerpot baby template

This design uses 1 1/4" and 1 /38" squares, 1 3/8" circle, 3/4in circle, 5 or 6 petal flower. Eyelet border punch is optional as is corner rounder


Pieces List:

1x 1 3/8″ circle for face

1X 1 3/8″ circle to frame top of face

1 X 1 3/8″ square trimmed for flower pot

1X strip for pot top can be edged with Eyelet border and corner rounder top corners

1 X1 1/4″ square cut in half for the body then one piece in half again for the arms

7 X 3/4″ circles for petals arrange around face circle slightly overlapping each other

3 X 5 or 6 petal flower 2 trimmed to form  hands and the other to form 2 ears

For the card below and the RH baby I inked the edges of all the body pieces after I stuck them together. They would also be cute with wee tinted cheeks but my pink pad has gone walkies. It happens. I have kids. Ok and I’m forgetful! Dont forget to draw in features and of course a tummy button.

Close u of Christmas Baby. i dont really like the nose this way. What do you think?I changed my wee babe up a bit for a Christmas theme. It’s supposed to be a Poinsettia kinda thing. I used the points of heart punches to layer up for the flower.

Merry Christmas Baaaaaby!I know I still owe you one but its looking like a real good INSIDE day tomorrow but not for my man who has to move life stock. Poor baby!

Any questions, comments, or purchase requirements email me at  or leave a comment.

It would be nice to have some more comments just so I know people are out there. Also both this design and the previous Santa designs were created by me and rather than posting instructions to make them on your own blogs would you mind linking back to these pages for the instructions. TIA

Anyway its blowing and raining and nasty outside and Im knackered so Im off to bed. Lucky I got the duvets dry today and got the groceries too. No reason to venture out in the yuck tomorrow!

Ka Kite


5 comments on “Growing pretty babies

  1. Lisa I read your blog, just we are on mobile broadband and so it’s limited useage – hence the reason I don’t often comment – but I’m still here lol!

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