Oh no I havent got a word window punch!

I so wish I had one of these Its on my wish list but in the mean time I have a couple of clever little tricks to get round this.
The first one is for getting the shape cut out to show a word underneath.

word window hole demo
I use a half inch circle punch to punch out 2 circles which will be far enough apart to show the whole word or phrase. Then using a ruler and knife cut horizontally between the top points of each circle and then the bottom points of each circle. Ta. Da! a word window!
wordwindow card
To punch out a word window shape to mount the process is a little different.
Cut a strip of card slightly narrower than the width of your circle punch. Slide the card in through the bottom of the punch to come out where you would usually slide the paper in then cut. Repeat for the other end. Ta Da!
Word Window to mount demo
The beauty of this method is you can cut word window mounts to as deep as you have circle punches which means you can put whole phrases on one not just a single words or one liner.
If would like to order any of the circle punches or the word window punch available from Stampin’ Up! just drop me a line for more details. I’ll be back tomorrow with Focus on Friday.
Ka Kite


One comment on “Oh no I havent got a word window punch!

  1. oooh very clever … WTG! do Stampin Up still sell the punch that looks like a torn notebook edge? and how much is the stamp scrubber?

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