Yep Im still here

Sorry I havent posted for a few days, been a busy bunny but also a not very happy one as I suffer from bouts of depression. Scrapbooking is one of things that makes me feel better. I can create something beautiful and achieve something at the same time.
Im still waiting for my Stampin’ Up starter kit hopefully it shouldnt be much longer. Something else to make me feel good.
I have been busy doing challenges though as it keeps my mind on good things. There were some great ones at Scrappin Patch over Queens Birthday. I also did one for the May Challenge for Jacquelyn Pedersen my Stampin’ Up Demo.

my Drama Queen of a daughter!

my Drama Queen of a daughter!

10 reasons NOT to let your 2 year old paint your nails

10 reasons NOT to let your 2 year old paint your nails

and lastly I did the lovley Delys’s Photo challenge which I was the only one to enter sadly but I did get an RAK from the lovely ladies at Scrappin Patch – of some lovely felt star strips Adrienne passed on a clever tip about using it “If its not the right colour you can always flip it over and add glitter to the sticky side then glue down or spray glittermist over the felt side” Very clever!!
Anyway heres a photo from my challenge entry I needed a tiara wearing Princess – dancing – and a Queen size bed so I got them all in one photo.

My Bed Dancing Princess

My Bed Dancing Princess

Boy did Ali enjoy an excuse to dance on my bed!
Ka Kite


2 comments on “Yep Im still here

  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather … congrats on entering a few challenges … esp. the photo one … I took one look and said ‘too hard’ … LOL! Addrienes ideas for the felt strip are inspired!

  2. And I see your cat couldn’t miss out on the action either, or did she just not want to move from the warm spot on the bed lol! Lisa, I hope you enjoy your time off and it gives you the break you need.

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