Beautiful Day

I have had an absolutely delicious day shopping with my girls. Weather was beautiful, the  company was surprisingly good (except for a minor tantrum in Spotlight – but I couldn’t help it I really wanted the cat tail and ears and Zoe said NO! –Im sitting here pouting-) Ali got a bit feed up with all the waiting in Spotlight and had a bit of a tanty too. I got a few more bargains and spent another $30
I got lots ticked off my to do list, finally got Miss 12 new school shoes that the school will approve of and that fit, the little one got winter shoes too (and they flash!! – sadly they didnt have any in my size), got new cartridges for the printer (and they were cheaper than usual because Calidad are now doing recycled HP ones- YAH!!!) and then we went to Animates Just to look ya know but we now have two fish Bubbles and Ariel. I will post a photo tomorrow.

Tomorrow I must get some scrapping done, lots of challanges to do ya know but I did do my first all digi layout last night. Im quite pleased with it but my computer is really not up to doing this kind of thing. Needs more memory I think. It was soooooo sloooow to do anything once I got all the bits open and started placing them. I did find it helped to “flatten the collage” once I was happy with certain bits. It stopped me moving perfectly placed bits accidently too. So here it is, its for the monthly challange called Perspective at Better Scrapbooking Ltd. I used a freebie download called Urban Kiwi from Shabby Princess you can find her link under Digital Scrapbooking in my links

Take time to see - Perspective layout

Take time to see - Perspective layout


3 comments on “Beautiful Day

  1. I was nearly tempted to go back to Spotlight but have resisted – today is another day though. LOL. So, is digi for you, do you think? Very nice.

  2. Hey Vicki. Ya know it probably took me longer than it would have doing it normal but I was pleased with the result. I dont usually use metal or bulky embellies on my pages cos I worry about what it will do over the years so it was nice to be able to use brads. I think Hybrid is the way to go Im going to have to mount this on 12×12 anyway as it is printed out in two peices and only 11X11 cos I dont have a flash 12×12 printer. thanks for reading : )

  3. Great LO there Lisa. I have never done any digi scrapping … I was tempted a while back, but have decided against it, as for me, I love the texture and feel of paper. Great work tho.

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