Well its been a long week. It started OK as I headed up to Hororata near the foothills of the Alps which were fairly well covered with snow.

The snowy alps 11th May 09

The snowy alps 11th May 09

But by Monday night I was starting to feel like putting my head in the oven would be a pretty good idea. Tuesday I thought the idea definitely had merits – lots of them. Of course at 2 oclock Tuesday morning I remembered that I was supposed to be facilitating a Playcentre course at Cust at 9.30 Wednesday morning and I had a lot to do. Tuesday night The Man text me saying that I needed to come get him cos it had got very dark in his car – umm no lights and then no indicators and then not much power I found him about 10 k from home desparately trying to keep the car going to get home. I provided him with lights and he got another couple of  Km along and then I died completely. So we pushed it off to the side he took the battery out to take home to charge and then tried to lock it up – and as Miss 4 would say Well duh Dad! Central locking doesnt work without a battery!!

Anyway Wednesday rolled around way too quick and I headed out at 7.30 with The Man in tow with his charged battery dropped him at his car so he could go home and I carried on up Cust after a quick stop at a garage  for petrol (not my normal garage cos they were out of petrol – HUH I dont get that) It was a great workshop with a lovely bunch of ladies who were very enthusiastic.

THEN I got to go swap my Opsy Mothers Day present for something else in the range. I got the Fiskars texture plates and they are pretty cool. But wait.. there is more I had no kids and had to go over that way so I went to Spotlight. This probably wasnt a brilliant idea but boy did I have fun… $50  later. Still another week or so of this clearance sale before they do stocktake. That sure cheered me up.

My Spotlight treasure!!

My Spotlight treasure!!

Thursday I got thru and apart from the kitten peeing on my bedspread Friday has been OK with the added bonus Mr 14 has gone away for two nights unexpectedly and Miss 12 has gone out for the evening. So I sit here in utter peace as The Man is nye nyes as is Miss 4 and still another hour and a half before eldest Miss comes home.

So here I sit grinning stupidly in my own company thinking I might just go do some scrapping finally. I havent been able to be creative all week and I have a few challanges to complete over the weekend. Might pop back into Spotlight tomorrow on the pretext that I have to go to town anyway cos the school shoes I got for Miss 12 dont fit cos she has weird shape feet so I have to take them back and take her with me. This  will be punishment enough to reward myself with another trip to Spotlight I think.

Well if you made it to the end of this Well Done You! I have been hopping around reading a few of your blogs so if I havent commented on yours leave it in the comments section and I might just come visit : )

Ka Kite have a great weekend


3 comments on “LOOOOONG Week

  1. I got a few good bargains at Spotlight too – very impressed with my BG rub ons for $3 and wishing I had got more. Got some albums too. You sure have done some travelling from one side of Canterbury to the other.

  2. Oh dear about the car … funny that it just died in mid-drive … glad you didn’t put your head in the oven … although I think that technique is reserved for gas ovens!!!LOL … glad to hear you got some bargains from Spotlight in their clearance … retail therapy is always good!

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