Its over for one more year. I got breaky in bed – choc chip pikelets and a cup of green tea as we were out of milk. : () Nice slow start to the day then watched Shorty St omnibus which I never watch but Miss 12 had missed it all week what with her busy social life Ya Know! then it was a quick whizz round to tidy up before Mother, my sister and her girls arrive. The little one crawled round in curious, must explore mode – read – I must eat or destroy all I can get my hands on . We had a lovely afternoon tea while Miss 4 and her cousin played dollies. Mother seemed happy with her present.
Now to more important things – Scrapbooking of course. I got 2 more pages done last night and 1 tonight. They seem to be flowing out of me nicely at the mo.

Scrappin Patch Technique Tuesday Sketch Challenge

Scrappin Patch Technique Tuesday Sketch Challenge

Scrappin Patch Bling Challenge

Scrappin Patch Bling Challenge

I had an unfortunate accident while making this L/O. I was embossing the photo corners over the toaster as you do and it fell in. I shook it out and it was done almost to perfection. BUT I just couldnt leave well enough alone and tried to even it out and … you guessed it I lost it in the toaster again. Im damned if I know where it went after that cos I couldnt shake it out. I think the toaster ATE it! could this be a message from the scrapping gods that I need to buy a proper embossing tool or on my budget probably just some new tongs.
I also did a Sketch Challenge for Scrapbook by Design which came up OK and I would probably use this sketch again.



I’ll finish up tonight with what I got for Mothers Day. Ali made me a lovely photo of herself in a tin foil frame at Kindy, Zoe gave me a lip gloss, Jordan a cute wee paper handbag (wonder where he got that idea) and then I got a big present but Oh Dear! ” Have you got the receipt Honey?”  Why “Cos this is what you gave me for Christmas”  I said. Did I he says.

To avoid times such as this I took the kids and showed them exactly what I wanted in the holidays but I guess that werent paying attention. Oh well the thought was there……….


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