No Accidents!!

We managed to go a whole day with no one having an accident at my house!
With Mothers Day coming up on Sunday I started a gift project at Playcentre with the children making coasters. The lovely Tony bought along his table saw and sliced up a branch and a Jarrah post to give us beautiful base coasters then the children spread glue all over it, add one or more of the pictures I cut out and more layers of glue. Ta daaa!

Mothers Day PC Coasters

Mothers Day PC Coasters

Mine is the cow one (Of course Im Cow Mad I wasnt a dairy farmers daughter for nothing!)Hmm maybe thats Mad Cow!! never mind. The round one Ali did in about 2 seconds and its for Grandma so she tells me.
Speaking of Ali who is 4. i had a wee growl at her this morning as she had drawn all over her sneakers with pen. She replied but Mum they are my school shoes and they have to be black. Ali knows all about school of course because her cousin has just turned 5 and started at school. Chantelle stayed with us on Sat. night and Ali goes “Hey Ive got an idea why dont we go ride our bikes at OUR school!” She cant wait til next year when she is 5 too! I think I can she’s my Baby
Ali's sad wee sneakers

Ali's sad wee sneakers


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