My poor baby

My knee is feeling a lot better today thanks to a lot of massage. I got another layout done last night but had to fiddle with it this morning and Im much happier with it. I did a miniture house ATC for the ATC Dare at Scrapbooking by Design which Im really pleased with. Do you get what I was going for with the quote and images?

Quote "A Mans House is his Wifes Castle"

Quote "A Mans House is his Wifes Castle"

I finished another layout today for the KISS challenge at Scrappin Patch and planned another one for a challenge at Scrapbook by Design. Im so proud of myself, thats a lot of scrapbooking : )
The bad news is my poor baby girl had an accident tonight. She ran into the kitchen to see her Dad and fell over on her face putting her teeth through her lip in 3 places so its about triple the normal and she is so sad and sore. She has just nodded off again in my bed where she will stay tonight. Poor wee button.


3 comments on “My poor baby

  1. Hey Lisa do you know the trick to stop the bleeding straight away when they do that to their mouth? Give her a bit of sugar – like half a teaspoon – the sugar stops the bleeding straight away (and often the crying) and then you can actually see the damage, because boy, do mouth’s and heads bleed! Luckily they heal really quickly too. Way to go you on all the creating.

  2. Hey Lisa, great news! You won the miniture houses dare, congrats! Can you email me with your address so I can send out your prize 🙂 Am just updating the ATC Dares blog now and posting a new dare!

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