2 busy 2 scrap

I havent had time to do any scrapping for a whole week since Im back to work and catching up on the real world after the holidays. But this weekend the ladies at the Scrappin’ Patch have something special planned for Intenational Scrapbooking Day and Im gonna do me some scrapbookin!!
Actually I tell a fib I have done something scrapbooky this week. Ive been trying out digital scrapbooking with my Project 365 photos. It is a very tidy way of doing it and I think as I get better acqainted with my programme it might be faster too but its not really the same as feeling the paper. There are some gorgeous freebie Digital downloads about if you look for them but it takes soooooo long on dial up. Anyway here (I hope) is a couple of examples of my 365 cards
april12 baking hot UNcrossed buns

The kids finally got their rooms cleaned up. I must say I was shocked

The kids finally got their rooms cleaned up. I must say I was shocked

I have to go battle the computer Gods now to make the computer faster. If it doesnt get faster I will have to reformat. Shock Gasp Horror! Bye for now.


6 comments on “2 busy 2 scrap

    • Thanks for being first to come visit me Adrienne : ) Might have to send you an RAK wouldnt that be nice for a change.

  1. Lovely layouts! What programme are you using for your digital pages? I also love paper but have dabble a little with some digital and am just learning to use Photoshop.

    • Hey Nicki Im just using MS Picture It that came with the computer it’ll do for now. I got this book at the library thats really cool. The Ultimate Guide To Saving Your Memories Digitally – Scrapbooking digitally which has lots of techniques and know how bits its very thorough and for Photoshop users mostly. I have to have a play with Picture it to if it has some of the same kind of tools.

  2. Whoo hoo you did it – now wasn’t that easy. If you are anything like me you will be constantly tweaking it and adding things. Will put you in my Google Reader now.

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